Income-Based Programs

MW&L customers invest in energy efficiency projects to lower utility bills, improve indoor air quality, and create safer, more resilient, and more comfortable homes. Customers with a household income less than 200% of the federal poverty level may qualify for no or low-cost weatherization projects through MW&L’s Low Income Weatherization Program. You can earn dollar-for-dollar rebates for insulation, windows, duct sealing, heat pumps, and heat pump water heaters. You must get pre-approval, so call us at (503) 435-3115 to learn more.

Size of Family UnitMonthly Income
200% of the Federal Poverty Income Levels
Annual Income
200% of the Federal Poverty Income Levels
Each Additional Family Member$857$10,280


Complete the following required steps:

  • Complete the Low Income Weatherization Application (English version) | (Spanish version); it is important to be thorough and accurate.
  • Attach income verification:
    • Pay stub,
    • Signed copies of IRS Form 1040, Section 8 eligibility,
    • Certification of YCAP (or certification by LIHEAP administrator).

Note: Your application cannot be processed without verification of income.