Net Metering

If you decide to participate, you will need to:

1) Fill out and submit an application for a 0-25KW system Small Net Metering Application or for a 26-200KW system Large Net Metering Application

2) Sign a Net Metering Agreement

3) Return the original signed application, agreement and One Line Diagram to the Engineering Department at McMinnville Water & Light | moc.rewop-cm@gnireenigne

4) Have your renewable generator installed in accordance with MW&L’s Interconnection Rules For Net Metering



What is Net Metering?

Net metering measures the difference between the electricity you buy from us and the electricity you generate using your own solar, wind, micro hydro or other acceptable renewable generating equipment.

With net metering, you use the electricity you generate first, reducing what you would normally buy from us. If you generate more electricity than you use, the excess goes through your electric meter and into the grid.