Energy Audits

Evaluating your home’s energy use is the first step to discovering upgrades that can increase comfort and lower monthly energy bills. MW&L partners with Efficiency Services Group (ESG) for a free assessment of your home, and then recommend energy improvements you can take to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Energy Audit Request Form

Next steps in starting your energy-saving project include:

  1. Get one or more bids from contractors.
  2. Once you have selected a contractor, the contractor will provide you with a Rebate Application and Bid. Then contact MW&L for approval before proceeding (for cash incentives and/or applying for a loan).
  3. Once you have received written approval showing the rebate, schedule the work by your chosen contractor(s).
  4. After the work is complete, your contractor must turn in all required completion paperwork to MW&L.
  5. If your work is chosen for inspection you will be contacted by MW&L.

Details on the program specifics and requirements:

  • Contractor submits quote to MW&L and ESG for authorization for each project. At that time contractor can request to schedule an audit of the location, if needed.
  •  Audits will be limited to those projects that have been pre-scheduled. Audits are performed on 2 days per month. Same day scheduling will be considered at the discretion of MW&L and ESG.
  •  Contractor receives authorization letter from MW&L for each project submitted and approved with a deadline to complete the project.
    • The deadline is 6 months from the date of the authorization, however MW&L reserves the right to adjust this time frame if needed, to effectively manage the program.
  •  If the project is expected to exceed the deadline, it will need to be resubmitted for authorization. Projects will be authorized based on availability of funding and if authorized, will receive a new authorization letter confirming the amended deadline. Without proper authorization, the project will not be approved at completion.
  •  If the contractor wishes to amend or add on to a project after it has been started, contractor will need to submit for a “Phase 2” project. They will receive a separate authorization, if funding allows.
  •  MW&L has the sole authority to approve any extensions, changes and amendments to projects.
  •  All communication regarding questions or concerns with authorizations, requirements, or deadlines is to be directed to both MW&L and ESG, allowing for the most transparent, effective flow of information possible among all parties involved.
  • Once a project is completed the contractor will need to submit all finalized paperwork to MW&L and ESG. This includes final invoice, and any additional documents requested from MW&L and ESG.
  • Once paperwork has been submitted the contractor can request an inspection with ESG.
    • Inspections will not be scheduled without final paperwork submitted.
  •  MW&L will be issuing payments to contractor once per month, following approval of submitted invoices to BPA.