Tree Trimming

Photo of a tree in full bloom with red leaves.We love our trees in McMinnville. We also love the quality of life electricity has given us. Trees and power lines often come into conflict, usually because the incorrect species of tree was planted directly below or near overhead lines.

MW&L has an extensive tree-trimming program. MW&L’s program was developed to maximize public safety, electric reliability, and tree health.

Please call us at (503) 472-6158 if you have any questions about trees located near utility lines.

Working together, we can maintain safety, keep McMinnville beautiful, and significantly reduce power outages.

Let Us Do the Work!

Never trim trees near your power lines. Trees that are near electrical lines need to be trimmed by McMinnville Water & Light’s tree trimming contractor. Call us at (503) 472-6158 or fill out our Customer Feedback Form if you have any questions about tree trimming or trees near the power lines.

Choose The Right Tree

There are numerous options available for selecting trees that offer a variety of choices in terms of spring and fall color, tree size and shape, and fruit. It is important to choose trees that will not grow taller than 25 feet at maturity if they will be planted near power lines. Your local nursery can help in selecting the right variety for your needs.

The City of McMinnville recommends and prohibits the following trees:

Recommended – Small (PDF)
Recommended – Medium (PDF)
Recommended – Large (PDF)
Prohibited Trees (PDF)

Photo of a tree in full bloom with pink leaves.

Plant Trees Safely

McMinnville Water and Light works hard to provide you with reliable electric service. You can help your local utility by following a few simple guidelines when planting trees on your property:

Plant in the right place: Avoid planting trees directly under power lines. When planting trees within 30 feet of power lines select trees as mentioned above that do not grow more than 25 feet in height. Trees that grow over 25 feet in height need to be planted more than 30 feet from power lines.

Right-of-Way: Before planting any trees in the public right-of-way contact the appropriate agency.