Japanese Snowbell (Styrax Japonicum)

  • Deciduous tree, 15-25 ft (4.5-7.6 m) tall, similar width, low and horizontal branching. Leaves alternate, simple, broad-elliptic to elliptic oblong, 2.5-9 cm long, 1.3-4 cm wide, acute to acuminate, medium to dark green, glabrous above. Flowers perfect, bell-shaped, 2 cm wide, white with yellow stamens, each on a pendulous stalk of about 3.5 cm long. Teeming with flowers in May-June. Fruit a dry drupe, ovoid, 15 mm long, gray, effective in late summer and fall in early winter (contains a single hard brown seed).
  • Sun to part shade, best in acid soil supplemented with organic matter. Mostly trouble free. Sometimes grown as a bushy tree or shrub. A few cultivars available, including:
    • ‘Emerald Pagoda’ - columnar habit.
    • ‘Pink Chimes’ - pink flowers.
  • Hardy to USDA Zone 5 Native to China and Japan.

Information obtained from: OSU http://landscapeplants.oregonstate.edu/