Subdivision Development

Our engineering team will collaborate with you for electric and/or water service requirements for a new subdivision. Following these guidelines will expedite the process of installing electric service to your development project. The following list provides you with the requirements that must be met before applying for a new subdivision.

Required Items:

A non‐refundable $300 per lot: ($150 each for water & electric) Design Application Fee is required. This fee will be credited against construction costs if an Extension Agreement is executed within 12 months of paying said fee. If the subdivision does not include water & electric service to each lot, contact MW&L Engineering Department.

Identify Tax Lot: To be obtained from the local government agency. Civil Engineered Drawings showing stationing, other utilities (water, storm, sanitary sewer, etc.), profile construction notes, and MW&L Specifications.

Easements: Usually included in the Subdivision Plat. Customer is responsible for obtaining the necessary survey and additional easements if required.

Backflow protection is required on all irrigation only water meters and residential water meters with irrigation. Contact the Engineering Department (503‐435‐3118) to determine the appropriate type of backflow protection.

Extension Agreements between the Owner and MW&L will need to be executed and contractual amounts paid. The Design Application Fee will be deducted from the quoted cost if Extension Agreement is executed within 12 months of paying the Design Application Fee.

Subdivision Infrastructure Development Process

The following list provides the necessary steps to be completed in order to obtain service:

  1. Complete the MW&L Design Application for Subdivision and pay the appropriate fee amount.
  2. Submit a set of civil drawings (prepared by licensed Civil Engineer in State of Oregon) to MW&L’s Engineering Department for review.
  3. MW&L Engineering Department will design electric infrastructure. The design and appropriate MW&L Electric Specifications will be sent to the Civil Engineer to incorporate into the final plan set.
  4. Approved Electric Plans, Civil Engineered Drawings, a fully executed Extension Agreement between the Owner and MW&L and contractual monies must be paid prior to installation of any MW&L Facilities.
  5. Developer constructs necessary base water/electric systems per approved plans.
  6. All MW&L facilities must be inspected by MW&L staff prior to backfill.
  7. Street lighting is to be designed by an Oregon state licensed professional engineer experienced in roadway illumination in accordance with MW&L’s Street Lighting Design Guide.

Note: Any deviation from the approved electrical/water design may result in additional costs for redesign, and construction may be delayed. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide all the necessary MW&L requirements and specifications to subcontractors. Thank you for following these steps to ensure that your services are installed in a safe and timely manner.

New Commercial Construction Guidelines (PDF)