MW&L PFAS Test Results

MW&L’s water source has been tested for PFAS in 2014 (UCMR3), 2021, and 2023. To date, PFAS have not been detected in our drinking water system. MW&L is currently waiting for results from our 2023 PFAS samples. Below is a brief summary of MW&L’s PFAS testing:

  • 2014 - MW&L performed quarterly testing for six PFAS under the EPA’s UCMR3. PFAS were not detected in MW&L’s water system from the Haskins/Nestucca watershed during this monitoring period.
  • 2021 - MW&L tested all its sources for PFAS to the lowest detection limits available. No PFAS were detected in water from the Haskins/Nestucca watershed in the Oregon Coast Range, which serves all MW&L customers. Additional testing was performed on MW&L’s potential future Willamette River water source with the same results.
  • 2023 - MW&L tested again in November 2023. Results are expected in January 2024.
  • 2025 - Quarterly UCMR5 sampling for PFAS and lithium will begin in February 2025.