Site Built Window Rebate

Rebate Application Document Checklist

Rebate(s) will be paid when MW&L has received the following required documents:(Required)

A utility representative will collect required documents at the time of final inspection or you may submit them to:

McMinnville Water & Light

Attn: Energy Efficiency Rebates

5625 NE Elam Young Parkway #400

Hillsboro, OR 97124

FAX: 503-344-6942 or Email

Allow 6 to 8 weeks after final inspection and receipt of all required documentation for rebate processing.

Steps to Participation

1. Pre-Approval
A utility representative will perform a one-time audit to determine the existing condition of your home before your windows and or door is upgraded. Audit results are kept on file for future reference. Your home must be heated with electric heat to qualify for this program.
4. Request your rebate
All documents are required to process your rebate(s). At the time of the final inspection, the utility representative will collect the following required rebate documents:
Documents can also be mailed to the address on the rebate application, faxed to 503-344-6942, or Emailed.
5. Receive Your Rebate

Customer Information

Date (mm/dd/yyyy)(Required)
Installation Address(Required)
Mailing Address
If different than installation address.

Home Information

Electric Heat Source(Required)
Residence must have permanently installed electric heat system capable of heating entire dwelling to qualify.

Residence Type(Required)
New construction does not qualify for rebate(s).
Existing Windows(Required)
Existing windows must be single pane, single pane with storms or double pane with metal frames to qualify. Existing vinyl and double pane wood frame windows do not qualify for rebate(s).


All requests for rebate funds must be pre-approved. Submit application, existing window types (single or double pane windows & existing frame type metal, wood or vinyl), sizes of existing windows and window estimate for pre-approval. An audit of the windows must be completed prior to the start of the project. Work must be completed within 6 months of the pre-approval date. If the work is not completed within 6 months,customer must reapply for rebate(s). There is no guarantee that funds will be available after the 6-month date or that the incentive amount will remain the same.

Window Rebate

Rebate(s) are for replacement windows only. Windows not inside the electrically heated area of the home, such as garages or workshops, are not eligible for rebate(s).

U-Factor Rebate
0.30 or lower $4.50 per sq ft of replacement windows

Insulated Exterior Door Rebate

ENERGY STAR qualified door must be pre-hung, include replacement of the threshold and replace an un-insulated exterior door. Exterior doors must separate heated and un-heated space.

Existing Door Replacement Door Rebate
Not Insulated Insulated $30.00

Energy Efficient Upgrades

Replacement Windows(Required)
U-Factor 0.30 or lower
Date (mm/dd/yyyy)

Privacy Act Statement:

Basic authority for collecting this information is authorized by 16 U.S.C. §§ 832 et. seq., and 838 et. seq., pursuant to Bonneville Power Administration’s Conservation Program system of records established in 46 FR 31700. This information is primarily intended to further, but is incidental to the performance of, BPA’s overall Energy Efficiency Program, the objective of which is to acquire energy resources through energy efficiency, to determine what cost-effective conservation and direct application renewable resources measures should be installed or adopted under different circumstances, and to provide incentives for the installation of such measures. Other routine issues of this information include: aggregation into a public database on energy efficiency; furnished to authorized personnel for installation/repair of equipment; aggregated into a database for program publicity; and in some instances information regarding buildings will be made available to subsequent purchasers of the buildings. Your disclosure of the requested information is voluntary; however failure to provide requested information means that it will not be possible for you to participate in this BPA Energy Efficiency program.

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