Under Oregon law, veterans who meet minimum qualifications for a position may be eligible for preference. If you think you may qualify, please read the following checklist carefully. Check the box for each item that is appropriate. If you have questions you may wish to contact the Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs. 503-373-2000 or 800-828-8801. This completed form and the required documentation must be submitted at the time you submit your application.

You may be eligible to claim veterans’ preference if you check at least one of the boxes below, and provide proof of eligibility by submitting a copy of your DD‐214 or 215. ORS 408.225 (1) (f)

"Active duty" does not include attendance at a school under military orders, except schooling incident to an active enlistment or a regular tour of duty, or normal military training as a reserve officer or member of an organized reserve or a National Guard unit.

You may claim additional employment preference if you can check at least one box in the section below and provide proof of eligibility by submitting both of the following documents: 1. A copy of your DD‐214 or 215, Certificate of Release or Discharge, Copy 4, and 2. A public employment preference letter from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. To order the letter, call 1‐800‐827‐1000 and request a public employment preference letter. ORS 408.225 (1) (c)

I hereby claim veteran's preference and certify that the above information is true and correct. I understand that any false statements may be cause for my disqualification or dismissal, regardless of when discovered.

Preference may not be awarded without the appropriate documentation. You must submit Member Copy 4 of your DD‐214 or 215 in all cases. If you are claiming disabled veteran preference you must also submit the public employment preference letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs. You will not receive preference without these accompanying documents.

I hereby certify that all statements made in this application are true, and I agree and understand that any statement that is false, fraudulent, or misleading in this application or attached material, during the interview or screening process, or discovered in the course of any employment-related process (post hire) may result in the revoking of a job offer or termination of employment.