Water Transmission Main Project, Phase 2

Update: December 2019

Status Report: December 2019 Construction Status Report

As of December 17th, the project was 88% complete on an earned value basis.
Moore Excavation, Inc. (MEI) has completed the installation of 6,650 feet of 36-inch transmission main. Between November 11th through November 15th MEI performed testing and commissioning of the transmission main. MW&L staff witnessed the pressure testing and disinfection process. On November 19th, MEI with the oversight of MW&L staff connected the new 36-inch transmission main to MW&L’s finished water system.

Additionally, MEI completed the duct bank, which consists of four 3-inch conduits. The 26,600 feet of conduit was installed for future fiber and power.
All work was completed in compliance with the project U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Permit for work in tributaries.
Substantial Completion was issued to MEI on November 19th.