Service Change

Start or Transfer Service

To start utility service or to transfer your account to a new address, call 503-472-6158 or come to our main office at 855 NE Marsh Lane at least one business day before you’d like service to begin or to be transferred to your new address.

If you have never had an account with us we will need to verify your signature. We will also need you to provide your address, date of occupancy, telephone number, social security number, drivers license, place of employment and rental agreement or proof of ownership.

Get a head start: Here is our Start Service Request.

  • Generally, you can be connected by 4:30 pm of the first full working day following your request.
  • There is a $22 Customer Processing Charge to start or transfer service.
  • Normally, we do not require a deposit to open an account.
  • A deposit may be required for customers who do not provide a Social Security number or whose credit is unsatisfactory.

Stop Service

To stop service, call us at 503-472-6158 at least one business day before you’d like service to be stopped.

There is no charge to stop service, but it’s important that you call because you will be responsible for the utilities used in your current residence or place of business until you tell us to stop service.

Be sure to give us a forwarding address so we can send you a final statement. If you paid a deposit, we’ll apply the deposit to your final bill and return any remainder to you.

Get a head start: Here is our Cancel Service Request.